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A company that wants to attract more visitors to an exhibition must have a good display stand. While it looks easy to come up with custom exhibition stands, many companies go wrong on this and end up messing their marketing quest at a trade exhibition. Therefore, a brand seeking to make use of a trade show as a marketing strategy should consult a professional exhibition stand design company to provide a decent exhibition stand.

Characteristics of a decent exhibition stand

Proper lightinglamps in a room

Lighting is among the most important things that a company must consider when choosing an exhibition stand. Good lighting will help in attracting more visitors. As a tip, the stand should have an attractive lighting system that is not dull. A dull lighting system cannot draw the attention of visitors.

Good smell

Many trade exhibitors often forget to consider this quality when placing their exhibition stands. It is important to ensure that your trade exhibition stand smells good. Do not rely on natural air to provide fresh air in your stand. You should arrange to provide good smell in your exhibition stand for it to be decent.

Visually attractive

Having a visually attractive exhibition stand is important. This is a requirement for a decent stand since the visuals attract visitors from a far distance. This means that you should have an exhibition stand that has attractive colors. Preferably, you should use the colors of your brand to attract visitors from a distance.

Quality materials

roomAnother thing that is important in defining a decent exhibition stand is the quality of materials used. A decent exhibition stand should have high-quality materials used in its construction. Visitors to a trade show are likely to visit a stand constructed with high-quality materials. Therefore, it is of great importance to visit a professional exhibition stand design company that will help you get a stand made of high-quality materials to attract more visitors.


A decent exhibition stand is simple in nature. You should not complicate the design to the extent that the visitors fail to understand its purpose. As a tip, you should keep the exhibition stand as simple as it can be. Research shows that visitors are likely to visit a simple exhibition stand than a complex one. This is because it is easy to get information from a simple exhibition stand than a complex one.…