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According to an article by Andonix blog, jobs in the manufacturing sector have been grown by double-digit since 2017. Although many people assume the American industry is declining, the truth is that the jobs available in the manufacturing industry are yet to be filled due to several factors. The modern job market requires specific skills which many people do not have hence making it hard to fulfill the expected demand. Elements such as the following lead to a shortage of experts in the manufacturing sector:



Shifting Skillsets

Use of advanced automation in the manufacturing industry makes it hard for many people to work in the industry. The application of advanced automation requires the use of the latest technology, which requires experts who have been trained to apply the technology. Few people in the job market have the required skill set to implement the automation hence leading to few qualified employees to handle the jobs.


Misconception About the Manufacturing Jobs

There are different misconceptions about manufacturing careers. Some prefer other types of jobs as opposed to manufacturing due to various misconceptions in public. The misconceptions lead to few people willing to train for the posts, which eventually affect the number of people who pursue the courses related to manufacturing.


The High Number of Retiring Baby Boomers

There are a lot of baby boomers who are retiring. They have been holding a lot of knowledge required to run the manufacturing industry. The high rate of retirement makes the job market lack qualified experts to keep the manufacturing industry running.


Lack of Collaborative Tools

There is a hidden factory dilemma due to lack of proper collaborative tools. In the manufacturing industry, the experts need to collaborate so that they can make the process running smoothly. Lack of appropriate collaborative tools affects the running of the manufacturing process. 


How the Use of Technology Is Addressing the Labour Shortage in the Manufacturing Sector :

Retention and Attraction

Use of technology allows employers to apply software systems. They make it easy to identify top talents after which type offer attractive incentives to keep them in the job market.


Engaging the Professionals

Use of technology keep professionals involved in the workplace, which makes them happy to stay in the job market for long. There are several technical approaches which have been applied to keep the professionals engaged.


Improving Work Satisfaction

When employees are satisfied to be in their places of work, they tend to be more productive. Use of technology makes it easy to identify areas where the employers need to improve as a way of making the employees more satisfied.