Reasons to Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is a country full of alluring beauty located in the southeastern part of Asia. It is the largest island country in the world, with a land size of 1,904,569 square kilometers. If you are going to find it hard to communicate with the locals, you should get an Indonesian translator. The country is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Being an island country, it has many tropical Sandy beaches to relax during the summer holidays. This country has two seasons, the dry season from April to October and the monsoon season from November to March. There are hot and humid temperatures, which means that Indonesia is an excellent country to visit at any time of the year. There are many reasons to travel to Indonesia, and here are some of them.

Komodo Dragons

Indonesia is the home to Komodo Dragons and has a national park dedicated to them. Komodo national park houses many Komodo Dragons, which are the largest living lizards all over the world and are the closest relatives to dinosaurs. These fierce dragons are a great tourist attraction in Indonesia because the only place you can find these Komodo Dragons living in the wild is on the four islands of Komodo National Park. These animals are dangerous, and when you visit this park, you should make sure you have a guide with you.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Indonesia is home to about twenty percent of all coral reefs in the world. The beautiful ocean floor is decorated with coral and sea vegetation. It is a great place to go scuba diving and snorkeling because you are assured that you will get a beautiful view underneath. The shores of Thailand are filled with gear rental shops where you can hire diving gear. There is enough for both professional divers and divers who are just beginning. There are also many trainers and guides to show you the ocean floor and the life in it.


Many delicious cuisines can be found in Indonesia. All meals from what they cook at home to the menu in restaurants and street food are excellent and tasty. The towns in Indonesia are filled with street food stalls, which gives the area a pleasant aroma. They love lamb or chicken put on skewers, rice, gudeg (made from boiled young jackfruit), and many more other foods.

If you are traveling to Indonesia, you have to try all varieties of food they have there. With the pleasant climate and beautiful landscape of Thailand, you can visit to relax and enjoy yourself at any time of the year.…