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When it comes to matters of love, many men are not keen to look at a woman’s astrological sign. What they fail to know is that love horoscope offers a good way of determining a person’s personality and character. In particular, Capricorn women have many traits that any man would wish to know before falling in love. Listed below are some of these qualities.

Different aspects of Capricorn women


smiling coupleCapricorn women are among the most difficult zodiac personalities to understand. Ideally, these women are reserved. This makes them appear to be rigid, standoffish, which makes them look dull. On the other side, they are loyal to their friends, are full of humor, witty, and have a sharp tongue.


When it comes to friendships, Capricorn women are analytical and the serious type of friends. They find it hard to tolerate silly discussions and unfruitful friendships. This explains why you may find them with many associates but having few friends. It is very easy to offend these women. Moreover, they easily hold grudges and find it hard to forgive people. Because of this, you may become enemies for life once you cross their line.

Business life

When it comes to business, Capricorns are the best. They are the determined, ambitious, and hardworking type. To top on this, they are shrewd. This could be attributed to the fact that, Capricorns place their value on success. That is why you find financially unstable Capricorns somewhat insecure. Capricorns are very career minded as such; their fiancées may feel neglected while these women chase their dreams. However, when everything is in order, their fiancées are among the happiest.

Why Capricorn women find it hard to find love

This is among the most unfortunate things about Capricorn women. Many men look for submissive women, but in Capricorns, it is very rare to find submissiveness. Additionally, these women have high tempers and use very sharp words while addressing their mates. These women also show disinterest in playing games, and as such, they will not like associations with such people. These make men fear close relationships.

Positive and negative characteristicsCapricorn

Capricorn women have both their positive and negative sides. Loyalty, spiritual, team player, hardworking, and classy are some of the major positive traits. On the downside, these women are suspicious, unforgiving, analytical, and too serious just to mention a few.

As a mother and a wife

These women make the best type of mothers and wives. They value a beautiful home and pay close attention to nurture their children in the best way. Additionally, these women support their men behind the scenes. As such, she will do everything to have a happy home. What else would a man look for in a wife?